What is IP address? And How to Check IP address?

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Do you know, what is IP address and what is its mean? In this post we will try to define IP address in simple words that you can understand easily about IP addresses definition and can learn its purpose that why IP addresses use.

What is IP address?

An IP address is same as your identity card number. Your identity card number is a unique number, and it is your identity. You can trace out through your identity number. Same as if we talk about what is IP address, IP stands for internet protocol. It is an identity number of your device on internet. IP addresses are also unique for your device identity like your identity card number.

Your device can be trace out through your IP address. Basically, IP address is a set of some unique numbers.

IP addresses helps to sent and receive data from one device to another through internet or local area network. With the IP addresses world became a global village. There are different types of IP addresses. You can check them as following:

  • Public IP
  • Private IP
  • Static IP

When you install new window on your computer, system automatically asks you to which one you want to select IP address type mentioned as above in the list. If you are using your personal pc, you must need to select Private IP address type.

Secure your IP address

You will get more secureness on your private IP address as compared to public IP addresses. Always try to secure your IP address. Hackers try to get your personal data through your IP addresses. They have different tricks to trace out your IP address for hacking your pc.

Public IP addresses normally use on public places. Public IP address have two sub types or have forms that are:

  • Dynamic IP
  • Static IP

Static are the fixed IP addresses. These IP addresses remain same on network once these assigned. Static IP address normally use in the offices.

How can I check my IP address of my computer?

If you have windows computer, you can check your pc IP address with the following method:

  • Click on the network icon displayed in the system tray in the right side beside the time option.
  • Click on the network and settings.
  • A new dialog box will open on your screen.
  • Click on the change adaptor option under the status tab, if you are using windows 10.
  • In the new window, right click on Ethernet option.
  • There you can see “status” option, click on status option.
  • A new dialog box will open, there you will see a Details button.
  • Click on the details button.
  • Here you can check your IP address.

Second Method

Oh, is it difficult for you to check the IP address, don’t worry here is the second method for you. If you are not familiar and not easy to use in pc settings here is an option for you. With this method you can easily find your IP address of your pc.

Yes, just open your internet browser. Open Google search engine and simply type what is my IP address. After pressing the enter key you can see your IP address on google.

How to Check IP address on Mobile Phone?


If you are using mobile phone and want to know about your IP address. Follow the steps and can find IP address of your mobile device.

Open the settings option in your mobile phone.

Tap the about option, you can find in the last of setting page.

Tap the status option.

There you can check your mobile phone IP address.


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