Best Topics for a YouTube Channel Ideas for Monetization

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There is a lot of competition on YouTube. That is a big problem for YouTube beginners who want to monetize their channel on YouTube. In this article we will share some best topics for YouTube channels. We selected these topics for newbies who created there new channels on YouTube and want to rank their videos on YouTube for getting traffic. These topics have low competition with a handsome search volume. If you are a beginner, you have a chance to rank your video on first page of YouTube.

Before starting about the best topics for YouTube channel, we will describe what YouTube is and how to create YouTube channel. YouTube is not only a website; we can say it is a hub of billions of users. According to Global Media Insight YouTube have the 2.6 billion active users. YouTube is on the 2nd number in the Alexa ranking. Billions of users daily use YouTube for watching videos.

Do you know you can make money from YouTube? Yes you can make money from YouTube by publishing your own content on YouTube. For sharing your content on YouTube you need a channel on YouTube. If you already have a YouTube channel you can publish your videos on YouTube with uploading option. But if you are new and don’t know how to create a YouTube channel, you must need to learn how to make YouTube channel. We already published in an article about creation of YouTube channel. You can read here how to create YouTube channel? And how can I upload videos on YouTube.

Let’s start about the best topics for your YouTube channel in which you can rank your videos on YouTube. And meet the requirements of YouTube for monetization.

Vlog YouTube Channel Idea

Vlogging is a best niche for your YouTube channel. People love vlog videos and want to watch them. People like and want to get their desired information online. They don’t have time to visit everywhere. So you can facilitate them with vlogging. It’s also an interesting and enjoyable idea. You can enjoy by visiting different places and can generate a high quality and original content for your YouTube channel.


If you want to start vlogging you need a high quality camera and a microphone. It will be nice if you have two microphones. You can arrange a companion as a camera man. It is best for you, with this you can easily manage your video content.

You can start vlogging by visiting your nearest markets. Get the latest prices of different items. Find cheap price sellers in the whole sale markets for your valuable viewers.

You can also create vlog on beautiful visiting places in the cities. Make content by visiting beautiful natural places. Show beauty of the cities to your viewers. Your viewers want to see these videos.

Recipe YouTube Channel Idea

If you are a good chef, this idea is for you. You can generate a passive income with recipe YouTube channel. There is a high search volume about recipes on YouTube. People want to learn new dishes in a professional style, so they want to see your recipe tutorials. Make delicious dishes in front of camera for your viewers and give them recipe of your dishes. Always try to high quality video. YouTube loves and prefer high quality content. So there is a need of high quality camera for creating videos for your YouTube channel.

If you have a taste in your hand and know to make tasty dishes, you can make money in two ways with cooking. First Make content for your YouTube viewers and secondly with selling your delicious dishes online. Both methods of high demanded and this is a good business idea. If you want to read more about cooking business idea, you can read by clicking on the link.

Fitness Channel Idea

The world is full with health issues. People want to maintain their body and want to remain fit. So they want to see fitness exercises that they can easily at home. If you have skills as a fitness instructor, you can choose fitness topic for your YouTube channel.


There is also some fitness channel on YouTube. But don’t worry if you are a beginner, you can get traffic from Facebook, twitter etc. by sharing your videos on social media websites.

People needs perfect videos for their health. If you are professional in fitness you can impress your viewers with your content. Do hard work for your channel. Once if you success by getting your viewer’s attention, you will get returning visitors on your videos. That will help in boosting up in YouTube ranking.

You can make a lot of money from YouTube fitness channel. So take it serious like as a full time job. Make rich content for your followers.

Painting or Drawing Ideas

Painting is a beautiful and unique way to express your feelings. If you are a painter you can make your hobby as a business. People love hand draw paintings. Make unique paintings in front of camera. Do not make long videos. Your viewers don’t like to watch long videos. You can speed up your videos or can make short clips for your paintings.

Face Painting is also trendy now. Face painting idea is also good for YouTube channel. You can make face paintings in different and unique styles. There is a high search volume of face painting ideas on Google and YouTube. You can earn money through painting ideas.

Makeup Channel Idea

Makeup is a never ended niche. You can start makeup channel on YouTube. There are millions of views on makeup videos. If you want to start new channel on makeup topic, you also need to create a Facebook page and an Instagram account. These both websites will help in boosting your traffic on YouTube.

Try to find out long keywords for your videos. Long keywords have low competition rate. So you can easily rank your videos on long tail keywords. You can try out to make videos on bridals makeup. Girls love the new makeup styles. Its upon you which topic you want to choose about makeup.

Breaking News / Current Affairs Ideas

Current affairs and breaking news topics have high search volume. If you have interest in political situations, you can easily grow up your channel on YouTube. Now this is a time of social world. People want to be updated. You can facilitate them by sharing breaking news content for them.

But there is also need that you are an active person. You are an updated person. You have sources to gather latest news for your followers. If you have all these skills you are the best in news and current affairs channel. You can easily manage this channel and can get millions of daily views on your YouTube channel.

Education Channel Idea

You can create an education channel in your native language. There is a lot of material available in English language but some people want education material in their native language. Some students cannot learn and understand studies in English. They need to describe educational topics in their own language. You can facilitate them by producing educational content in your native language. Visitors from your country will happy to see the content in their own language.

There is one more benefit that education in English language has high competition on YouTube. But if you produce educational content other than English language, it will be low competition rate. You can get this advantage for your new YouTube channel. And can rank your videos on YouTube first page by using your native language content.

You can teach your followers on the board with or without your face. But if you will be in front of camera there will be more chance to grow of your channel. Students have more chances to understand with their teacher expressions.

Tips for Your YouTube Channel

Remember! Always create your own real content. Do not try to copy someone content. YouTube has very strict policies about copyright. If you will try to copy the content of others for your channel, YouTube will block your channel.

Do not detract your viewers. Always provide them real content as you mention in your title. Try to make high quality content. YouTube likes high quality content. So if you will produce high quality content YouTube will help you in boosting your video up.

If you are newbie try to upload one video daily on your YouTube channel. You can engage your audience with daily uploading new content. Always use exact keywords that relates to your video. Target your audience that wants to see your videos.

YouTube has now mentioned their minimum requirements for monetization. You need to meet the minimum requirements that are at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours in one year. Some channels get monetization fast like a day. But maybe you take some time for approval of monetization. Don’t be depressed, walk like a tortoise towards your target, if you have ability you will succeed one day.

If you want to read more about new business ideas, follow the link for reading new articles.

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