Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

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Do you want to start making money online? Or Do you want to start your own business online?

In today’s article we will talk about 10 different ideas that you can start and earn good money. There are many ways to make money in the online world of internet. Some are real and some fake websites. There you waste not only your money but you also waste precious time.

We will talk about ways to earn money online which are also legit and with a little bit of hard work we can earn good money from them. If you want to make money without doing anything, there is no such way.

Remember there are many ways to make money online but there is a huge competition in this online world of internet. We also say it’s a global village. We can never succeed in this global village without working hard. Before choosing any method for earning money, first observes your competitors methods that they are using for making money. Following are the some methods there you can make money online with a little skills.

How to Make Money from YouTube

YouTube is not only a watching videos website it is also a platform for making money online. The big advantage of this is that you don’t need to know much about computer skills to make money from YouTube. If you can make good videos, you can also make money from YouTube. Many people want to know how to make money from YouTube. This is a simple and easy process if you have your own created videos. YouTube prefers high quality content so try to make high quality videos. Do not try to copy someone content, YouTube restricts such things.

Be professional, starts to create your own informative, interesting and valuable content. For approving your YouTube channel on Google AdSense, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours in one year. There should be no active copyright strikes on your channel. When you reached the above mentioned target, your will be eligible for monetization. If you want to read more about YouTube channel click here.

How to make money on Facebook?

Facebook is a biggest hub of social life. Millions of people use Facebook daily. When Facebook launched it’s only used for social interactions. To meet the needs of the people and to further engage their users, it becomes a business website. Now you can also make money on Facebook. Facebook is now also known as Meta book. You will find many websites that say that you can make money from post liking or sharing. But unfortunately it’s fake. Facebook has not yet introduced a way to make money from post like or sharing.

You can promote your business on Facebook. Facebook provides monetization option for Facebook pages. You can monetize your Facebook page for making money. But monetization option is available in some countries. You can check list of countries there monetization option is available.

If you have a Facebook group with millions of active people, you can make money through group. Companies will contact you for advertisement in your groups. They will offer you some dollars for advertisement. You can also sell your active members group on Facebook.


Teaching Online

Teaching is a good method to make money online. If you have teaching skills and a good grip in teaching, you can earn money by teaching children online. There are different websites that you can join as a tutor. They will ask you about your subject of interest. And the administration will set the time of lecture for your students.

Online Surveys

You can make money by doing online surveys. Online surveys are like a questioner that websites provides you to give relevant information according to their needs. There are many websites that gives you opportunity to make money with online surveys. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are the examples of online survey websites. You can visits these sites to check for more information.

Test Games and Software

If you are a game lover or software addicted. You can make money with game testing or software testing projects. For this job you need to have a latest gaming pc with high fps. You need to ability to check the game or software through every point. You can find this job on freelancing websites or other game testing jobs websites. The job is just play the game, observe game weak points or issues in the games and tell to your client. High accuracy required for this project.

Content Writer

Are you a writer? Can you write on any topic in your own words? If yes then you can become a content writer. Content writing is an interesting job. If you have writing skills you can easily do this job and make money online. Describe everything in your own words which can boost your client website or his / her business. Content writing jobs are available on freelancing websites.


Freelancing is now trendy in the world. Millions of freelancers make money online with different projects. You become your own boss in freelancing. There are many different websites of freelancing like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. If you have professional skills, you can start your professional life in freelancing today. Are you interested to start freelancing? If yes, read more about freelancing you can read another article about freelancing. We hope this will helpful for you. For reading article click here How to make money online in freelancing?

Sell Mobile Apps

If you are an android developer and you can develop mobile apps, start this business today. Developing mobile apps is a profitable business today. The demand of mobile apps is very high in the android market. The billions of people use android mobile phones. Develop a unique mobile app that can facilitate peoples to fulfill their needs. Sell your developed mobile app on online digital selling websites. You can make a lot of money with selling mobile apps business.

Forex Trading

Do you have any knowledge in trading? Trading is not simple and easy job. There is high risk involve in trading. You cannot start trading without prior knowledge. There are different trading websites that provides you a trial interface of trading. You can learn through creating your free account on trading websites.

Stock Exchange Business Idea

Stock exchange is a profitable business. You can call it the market of shares. Simply you buy or sell the shares in this stock market and make good profit. If you have skills and knowledge about stock exchange, you can start it today. It is more profitable as others businesses. If you have not enough knowledge about stock exchange don’t start directly. First get the guideline from experiences stock marketers. They will guide you how to open account in stock exchange. And also how you can start the stock exchange business. If you want to read more about stock exchange, we have an article about how to invest in stock exchange. Read this article before starting the stock exchange business.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

To upload videos on YouTube, first sign up or login on YouTube via Gmail account. If you have not any channel on YouTube before. YouTube will ask you to enter the name of your channel. Enter some description about your channel. Choose the category for your channel. Select correct category according to your videos. Description of your YouTube channel should be related to your videos. Done, Your YouTube channel is now ready and you can upload your first video on you tube.

How to Upload Video on YouTube

On the right side of the YouTube page you will see the option to make a video. Clicking on this option will take you to the upload option there you can upload your own video.

Enter a catchy title for your video; briefly describe your video in description box. Enter some tags in the tag option that will help to rank your video on first page of YouTube. Select the option is video for kids or adults? Select an attractive thumbnail for your video. Thumbnail should be more impressive that users must click on your thumbnail.

You can add some free music for your video available on YouTube. There are some options for SEO of your other videos in End Screen, Cards option. You can add your other videos in card option or in End Screen option.

After completion of your all video details, click on publish button for publishing the video. Congratulations! Your first video has been uploaded on YouTube. Promote your video by sharing on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler etc.

If you want to read more about ways to earn money online. Read this article 5 ways to make money online, there you can find more ways to make money online.

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