Social Psychology Notes in Urdu

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The Social Psychology notes available for Urdu medium students. The course code is 5640 for aiou students. We will cover the following topics in the social psychology Urdu notes.

  • What is Social Learning Theory?
  • Describe the Passionate Love and Companionate Love.
  • What is Group Thinking? And what are the main reasons of group thinking?
  • Explain Group Polarization in your own words.
  • What is Jury?

Note: If you want to read other than these topics, you can check the Part 1 by clicking here. Social Psychology Notes in Urdu Part 1

Social Psychology Notes in Urdu

5640 Notes in Urdu Part 2

We hope now your concepts are clear after reading the psychology notes. You can easily attempt your paper by reading both parts (part 1 and part 2) of social psychology notes in this website. Leave your feedback about these notes in the comment section.


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