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Kitchen is a heart of any house. The kitchen is a main place where women spent a long time in cooking. A kitchen is a room or place there tasty dishes cooked for us. People find unique and new kitchen design ideas. Architects always try to produce more unique and beautiful ideas for kitchen design. Women want a different and beautiful kitchen styles. So they always find a unique styles and ideas for their kitchen.

People put main attention and focus on kitchen in the house design ideas. If we divide our whole house in the ranks, kitchen will get a major rank in the all ranks. People want to make kitchen their natural light comes easily. And they also want a large space for their kitchens.

In this article we will try to show some new kitchen design ideas. You will find them beautiful. We will discuss following kitchen design ideas:

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Before starting the kitchen design ideas, we will discuss first what is kitchen basically?

What is Kitchen?

Kitchen is a cooking place. It has some stove space, burners, an oven space, a sink and some cabinets. Cabinets are main thing for kitchen design. Modern Cabinets styles increase the beauty of kitchen design.

Some kitchen has also a dining area. It’s all depend on the size of kitchen and architect, that how he design your kitchen. Let’s start with our first kitchen design idea.

L Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

Here is the first kitchen design idea.


In the above image of kitchen design idea, you can see the beautiful kitchen design. It is a L shaped kitchen design. It has beautiful white cabinets. And has black granite between the cabinets. Cabinets and granite are increasing the beauty of kitchen. There is an oven space in the front of kitchen between the cabinets. Freezer space is available in the left side of cabinets.

Lights are beautifully placed in the roof and walls. But there is no natural light available in this picture. You can add window in your kitchen design for natural light. There are the wood design tiles on the floor. The tiles design is looking beautiful in the kitchen.

U Shaped Kitchen Design Idea

U shape is a beautiful kitchen design idea. Many people loves U shaped kitchen design. You can see the U shaped kitchen design picture here:


In the above picture, there are white cabinets placed for making kitchen design more pretty. There is also above cabinets available in white color that looks beautiful. A stainless steel stove placed for cooking purpose there. There is a sink space available in the right side of kitchen. And a big window placed beside the sink for natural light. Natural light is very necessary in the kitchen area.

A proper fridge space is available in the left side of kitchen between the cabinets. There are 2 glass cabinets in the kitchen. You can placed crockery items there. The lightening system in the kitchen is very super. All lights placed in the roof that gives a great look in the kitchen. There is also a dining table space available in the kitchen. You can manage your dining in the kitchen if you also have enough space in your kitchen. The floor of the kitchen is wood style. Wood style kitchen floor is a great idea and give a good look.

New Kitchen Design Idea


A white color kitchen design is looking so beautiful. Cabinets, tables and walls looks same color. Kitchen area is in the rectangle shape. The cabinets design is awesome. Cabinets with steel handles give a nice look in the kitchen design. The grey tiles between the cabinets showing contrast look. Stove is placed in the center of cabinets. Microwave oven also placed inside the cabinets.

Dining space is also available in the kitchen area. White chairs and table are looking nice in the kitchen design. The lights placed in the roof. High lights are increasing the beauty of kitchen. A full size window placed in the front wall. Window gives outside view from the kitchen and also natural light is coming in the kitchen. We hope you will like this beautiful kitchen design. If you have a wide space for your kitchen then you can choose this kitchen design.

Unique Kitchen Design Idea


This is an awesome and unique kitchen design idea for you. The dimension of this kitchen is 11 feet wide and approx 15 feet in length. That is enough space and a standard size kitchen. The dark brown cabinets with white tiles give a unique look for viewers. Bottom cabinets are in dark brown color and the above cabinets are in white color. All cabinets are automatic doors with some magnets.

Lightening system under the above cabinets gives a nice look in the kitchen. Blue light is increasing the beauty of cabinets. Lights also placed in the roof. The stove placed in the left side of kitchen. And there is a small window in the front of kitchen beside the cabinets for natural light.

There is also a small space available for dining. Dark brown table and two beautiful chairs, a nice dining space for a couple. Wood color floor is trending style in the kitchen area. People love the wood color floor in the house especially in the kitchen area. Hope you will like this beautiful kitchen design idea.

Small Kitchen Design Idea

Majority of people lives in small houses. So they want to find small kitchen designs. Here we will discuss some small kitchen design ideas.


In the above picture you can see the simple and small kitchen design. The cabinets and tiles are in white color. You can see one stove, sink placed there. Microwave oven space is also available in the upper cabinet. Here is the full size window available beside the sink for natural light. A freezer is also placed in the kitchen area. But that is not the good idea. As you know, kitchen is in small area so some heat will be there. And heated area is not good for the freezer. So we need to place the freezer outside from the kitchen area.

The floor area of this kitchen is marble tiles. That looks beautiful in the kitchen.

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas

In the following picture you can see the beautiful kitchen design.


The kitchen area is giving totally natural look with a full size window, natural light coming from. Cabinets and cupboards are in gray color. The cabinets are looking beautiful in this design. Shelves are in white color. And tiles are in white color with dotted style that gives a unique look.

This kitchen design is in length. Floor of the kitchen is in wood style. Wood style floor is more attractive and people loves wood style floor.

The lightening system is properly set in the roof. The style of the kitchen is simple and also very beautiful.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Following is a beautiful modern kitchen design idea. Let’s see how’s look this kitchen design:


Some people like open kitchen designs. In the above kitchen design picture, you can see it’s a simple open kitchen idea with a modern look. The cabinets of this kitchen are in wood color with white tiles between the cabinets. And there are black tiles outside the cabinets, that is a different and beautiful style. There is a one straight shelve of white color. Oven space is available in the left side of kitchen.

The lights are placed under the upper cabinets that give a nice look on the shelves. There is also a sitting place available in the kitchen area.

New Small Kitchen Design Ideas


This is a L shape small kitchen design idea. It’s a best idea for small houses. The cabinets of this kitchen are in cream color with black shelve. Microwave oven placed between the cabinets. Upper cabinets have glass doors that are increasing the beauty of cabinets.

The lights placed under the upper cabinets which are giving the good look in the kitchen. The design of the cabinets is beautiful. There is also a dining space available in the kitchen area.

Your Feedback about Kitchen Design Ideas

We tried to show you a different and unique kitchen design idea. And we also tried to find those kitchen designs that are suitable for every house design. We hope you will like these simple and beautiful kitchen designs. Leave your opinion in the comment section. We will appreciate your opinion. If you liked the article, share this article with your friends and also share on social media.

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