Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Specs and Release Date

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There is a big news for Apple iPhone lover’s. The Apple Company is near to release Apple iPhone 14 pro max for their customers. According to the Apple Company this is a beautiful mobile phone with new unique features and a great look. Many people want to know what the Apple iPhone 14 Pro max release date is.

The Apple Company is trying to release iPhone 14 pro max in September or October 2022. So be ready to buy this beautiful iPhone. Following are the some features of iPhone 14 pro max:

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Specs

Because this mobile phone is not released yet so following specs maybe not exact, there are some chances to be different specifications.

The operating system of iPhone 14 pro max will be IOS 15.

It will be 5G supported. The CPU processor will be 3.1 GHz Hexa Core that is a good CPU processor for mobile phone.

The RAM of iPhone 14 Pro max will be 8 GB. And the built in memory will be 256 GB and 512 GB.

There will be quad cameras will be available in this mobile phone. The three cameras will be 12 mega pixels each and one camera will be TOF lidar camera.

The front camera will also be 12 Mega pixels.

Video resolution will be 4k with 30 and 60 frames per second. And will be 120, 240 frames per second with 1080 pixels resolution.

The size of Apple iPhone 14 pro max will be 6.7 inches.

Battery will be 4500 mAh and it will be non-removable.

There will be fast charging available for this mobile phone.

The expected price will be 1500 USD in the market.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max will give a unique and beautiful look. People are very excited to listen about the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro Max. They are waiting when this phone will launched and we will purchase this beautiful mobile phone.

Remember! The latest iPhone is iPhone 13 Pro Max. And its price is approx. 1600 USD in the market. These mobile phones are a little bit costly as compare to android mobile phones.


What is the difference between Android Mobile Phone and iPhone?

iPhones are different from the android mobiles. They have different operating system that is IOS. Android mobiles use android operating system. The features of android and IOS are totally different. And their use is also different as compare to both android and iPhone mobiles.

The Lovers of Apple iPhone

Apple iPhones are very expensive as compare to android mobile phones. So everyone cannot able to purchase this expensive phone. Anyway the lovers of iPhone loves a lot with this phone and they are crazy to buy latest iPhone. They wait for new upcoming phones and buy it when Company release new iPhone.

Are you also iPhone lover? And want to purchase Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max? Tell us, why are you interested in iPhones? Leave your opinions about iPhone in the comment section. Also tell us which iPhone you like the most in iPhone series. It will be a little survey about Apple iPhones. 

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