Installation of Solar System in Home and its Cost

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In this article we will try to discuss about installation of solar system in home and also will discuss about installation of solar panels cost. We will also discuss about how to produce electricity from solar and wind turbines. How to install solar system or wind turbines at home? 

Energy is very important for living in the world. The world is facing energy crisis issues now. For fulfill the needs of electricity every country wants to move on green energy. Green energy is a clean source of electricity. The most benefit of green energy that it is free of pollution. Solar systems and wind turbines are the main examples of green energy. Solar energy and wind turbines energy are a little bit expensive from other sources of electricity. But it’s a new way to produce electricity without any pollution.

If we talk about most populous and developing countries like Pakistan and India, these countries have high energy crisis. They have a high demand of electricity to run their industries and residential sectors.

Pakistan is producing 66% electricity with thermal (fuel), 24% from hydro plants and 10% from solar, wind turbines and nuclear.

India is producing electricity 51% from coal, 27% from solar and wind turbines, 11% from hydro plants and 11% from other sources like gas and nuclear.

In the 2013 to 2019 Pakistan Govt. give subsidy on importing the solar panels to motivate towards solar energy.

In the high electric prices in approx. all the countries, you can reduce your electric bill by installation of solar system at your home. The most benefit of solar system, you will get 24 hours light in your home without any load shedding issues.

What is Solar Energy?


How to produce electricity from Solar Panels?

Solar energy is electricity that solar plates produce from sun light. It is a green source of energy. For producing solar energy, we need a solar panel that we put in a sunny place. There are some cells installed in solar plates that produce electricity from sun light. Solar plates absorb sun light and produce green electricity for us.

How to produce electricity from wind turbines?

Wind turbine is a source of green electricity. Wind turbines produce electricity from air. The wind turbine is a long heighted pole with a fan and a motor. Wind turbines are best in the windy areas. The fan of the turbine rotates with the help of air pressure. When fan moves fastly it helps to start the motor that installed in the turbine. Motor automatically start to produce electricity that we can use to fulfill our needs.

How to install Solar Panel at Home?


You can install solar panel at your home with some simple steps. First we discuss what items you required for installation of solar panel at your home or office.

You need solar plates according to your requirement, controller, batteries, copper wire and solar frames. One more thing do you want to run your home at 12 volt? If you want to run 12 volt system then you will require 12 volt electricity items in your home.

For example you need to replace your AC fan to DC fan. Because solar panel produces direct current (DC). Same as you will need to replace your lights and other things that you want to use on solar.

The second method is use an inverter for converting direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC). Then there is no need to replace your home appliances. Inverter will convert your batteries DC current to AC current and you can use home appliances on alternate current easily.

You can purchase solar plates from your area market. First decide which solar panels you want for installation. There are different categories in solar panels. Normally solar panels for homes start from 180 watts to 400 watts. The one solar plate of 180 watts produces 12 volt and 8 Amps in peak time. The average of solar panel produces 6 amps.

If you use 400 watts solar plates, it produces 24 volts and 18 Amps. For 24 volts solar panels you will requires 2 batteries. If you use 12 volts panels then you can use 1 battery for your solar panels.

Step 1:                Best Place for Solar Panels

Choose a sunny place for your solar panels that they can absorb sun light maximum time in a day. Fix them in frames properly.

Step 2:                Joining the Copper Wires

Connect all your solar panel wires in a sequence. You can use parallel or series option for combining the solar panels. After the joining wires you have 2 wires one positive and negative wire.

Step 3:                What is Controller in Solar System?

The purpose of the controller is to control the volts and amps from solar systems and move them in the battery for storage. There are four options available in the controller. Controller gets amps from solar and transfers to the batteries. Then it gets amps from batteries and provides electricity to the home.

Join these wires with your copper wire that will joint with your controller on the other side. Always use original copper wire it will helps in reducing the chance of voltage drops. Enter wires in your controller properly.

Remember! There are different types of controller available in the market like 20 amps, 30 amps etc. Always choose best controller according to your number of solar panels. Calculate first, how much amps your solar panels will produce electricity.

For example if you have 4 solar panels with 6 amps average output. Then your solar panel produces 24 amps in every hour. You need 30 amps controller. If your plan is to extend the solar panels in future, then you need to purchase 30 plus amps controller. Otherwise you will need to change the controller in future.

Step 4: Batteries Installation

There are two main types of solar batteries. One is liquid battery and other is dry battery. You can use one of them for your solar system. Select a good place for your batteries. Keep away from children. Add copper wires from your controller to the batteries.

Controller will transfer current to the batteries for storage. Controller will again get amps from the batteries and move out for providing electricity to the home.

Remember! Controller will provide you direct current (DC). If you want to use alternate current (AC) then you needs to add inverter also. Inverter will convert dc to ac and you will able to run ac home appliances.

Budget Required for Solar System Installation

Here we will discuss how many budget required for solar system installation in Pakistan. Following are the approx. rates of solar panels and other required items in whole sale market:

Solar Panel 180 watts                     –              Rs. 8700

Controller 30 Amps                         –              Rs. 4000

Copper Wire Original                      –              Rs.   210 per feet

Liquid Battery 200 Amps               –              Rs. 18000

Solar Frame (2 Plates)                    –              Rs.   5000

The above rates are the latest whole sale rates today. Maybe it will change when you read the article. Visit your nearest market for latest rates of solar system.

Installation of Wind Turbine at Home

Wind turbines are a good source of green energy. It is a good technique to produce electricity in windy areas especially hilly places. Wind turbines can be used in the windy areas for producing electricity.


Normally 8 to 10 km/h air speed requires starting the wind turbine. If there is a minimum 8 km/h air speed in your area, you can install mini wind turbine at home. Before purchasing the wind turbine you can check the wind speed in your area. There is also need to measure the wind speed in the whole year. Because wind speed does not remain same in each season.

Wind turbines are available from minimum 200 watts. Wind turbines are little bit expensive from solar system.

If we compare the solar system and wind turbines, there is one benefit in wind turbine. Wind turbines have ability to produce electricity in night also. When they get minimum air pressure, they will start producing electricity for you. But solar systems can only produce electricity in sun light. They are not able to produce electricity in night.

Wind turbines are also available in 12 and 24 volts.

The price of 200 watts mini wind turbine is approx. 38000 in Pakistan. The rates can be differ city wise.

Installation method of wind turbine is same like solar systems. You can read the installation method in the above section in solar installation.

Wind turbines are best to place in heighted places for good output results. As you know, wind turbine like a long pole, you need to provide a strong structure for stable them. Sindh areas are best in the Pakistan for wind turbines.


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As you know the energy crisis in the Pakistan, Solar System is a good one in business ideas. You can install solar systems as the business point of view. And can sell electricity to the Govt. if you have 3 phase electricity meter.

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