How to Teach your Child at Home?

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Our today topic is very interesting and informative also. In this post we will discuss how can we teach our children’s easily? Teaching your child is not only a fun but it also gives a way to learn yourself a lot.

First of all, it is necessary to know about what is mandatory to teach your children in the initial stage. Following are the some basic things that children learn from parents.

  • Honesty
  • Good Manners
  • Responsibility

Honesty is the basic need for all children’s that your child can grow in the society with well manners. Parents are the first and basic teachers of their child. Children learn to speak and walk from and with the help of their parents. It’s a parent duty to teach good manners and honesty in their childhood.

There should be need to give some small responsibilities to your child from the age of seven. They will be habitual to take responsibilities.

If your child takes responsibilities from the beginning, he or she will be more confident in the adult age. Otherwise your child will remain immature even in the adult age. We also have an article about causes of immaturity in adults. For reading this article click on the link.

Teach your child with Poems

Start your child to teach with some poems in the age of 2 to 4 years. Teaching with poems to a child is a good way. Children love the poems and nursery rhymes. They can learn easily with kid’s poems. There are lot of kid’s poems available on the internet like ABC Song, number learning poems etc. You can find kid’s poems and nursery rhymes on the YouTube or other websites on internet easily.

Kid’s Stories are good for Child Learning

Kid’s stories are also the good way to learn basic things for children. You can purchase story books for kids from your local market in your area.

Drawing is the best way for your Child


Children love different colors. So drawing is another best way to teach your child with a color world. Provide your child the drawing material. Draw a beautiful picture on the page and give your child for coloring. They will not only enjoy with drawing but also learn new things from drawing.

Writing / Tracing Practice

In the age of 3 years, you can start writing practice to your child. Help your child in writing the basic letters. Hold their hand and teach them how to write. It’s a little bit difficult process in starting. But with the time they can able to write himself. Tracing is the best thing for preschoolers.

Increase Vocabulary of your Children’s

A three year child can speak complete small sentences. Children try to learn new words in their daily life. Vocabulary is necessary for four to six year child. If he or she has a decent amount of words, he will speak easily with more confidence. Help out them to increase their vocabulary with new words. Tell them three to four new words daily. And you need to use those words in your daily life in-front of your child.

If you talk them by using those words, they can learn and understand the meaning of words easily. And will also able to make new sentences with these words.

Talk also in your National Language

Some parents taught their children’s just native / mother language. This is not good for your child. Mother language is mandatory for your child but your national language is also necessary for him.

Normally national language used in the school. If your child cannot talk in the national language, he or she will face some problems in his / her class.

He will face problem in communication with his teacher and with class fellows. If he speaks wrongly, he will feel ashamed. Such children also go into inferiority complex.

Your Child Needs your Time

Children want your care and your time. Give them time properly. Do not forbid your child from everything. Try to understand what they want and what they want to do.

Hope this post will be helpful for you in teaching your child. Write your opinion about teaching your child in the comment section. If you have more suggestions about teaching children our comment section is available for you.

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