How to Start Terrace Gardening at Home? Rooftop Garden Ideas

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After the industrial revolution the cities become more congested and there is no more space available for gardening. Terrace gardening is a great idea in this situation. Small houses are trending now in the cities due to space and also budget issues. So terrace gardening idea is best for small houses. People love roof top gardening. Sometime people ask, how can I make my roof beautiful? How to start gardening on terrace? Plants give a beautiful look at the roof.

Gardening is not a just hobby, it also have many benefits. If you want to read about the benefits, you can read here benefits of trees. Plants increase the beauty of a house. Home and garden combines together. The environment looks fresh and clean if some plants there.

People want to start gardening at home. House design is very important for home gardening. There should be some open space available for home gardening. You can left open space for gardening around your kitchen and drawing room. Kitchen design will be given a nice look from the window if there are some plants outside the kitchen area. If you don’t have any space in their home for gardening, then you can start gardening on terrace or your roof.

There are different ways to start terrace gardening or roof top gardening. In this article we will discuss some open terrace garden ideas for beginners. And will try to show you some unique small house gardening ideas. Before starting about small or open terrace garden ideas, we discuss how do you build a rooftop garden? Or how to start gardening at home?

How do you build a rooftop garden?

Rooftop gardening helps in beautifying the home design. If you are a beginner and want to start terraced gardening, you need to first plan gardening according to your terrace space. Choose the plants that are best for growing in your area environment. Always pick the seasonal seeds. Water is very important for plants. So there should be a water source at your terrace for plantation.

Measure your terrace space and make a sketch on the page or your pc first. Make a sketch there you point out your plants space. And there should be some sitting space at the terrace. Get a fertile soil for plantation. You need to select medium size plants for plantation. There should be some space available between the seeds for sowing. The standard space is 8 inch to 1 foot between seeds. Anyway it depends on your plants type; you can ask gardeners for required space.

After the plantation you need to add some furniture at your terrace for sitting. People love and enjoy sitting in green area. The green environment is good for your health also. Set up some lightening system at your terrace. Lights will be increase beauty of your terrace in night. Decoration of the terrace should be awesome.

Remember! Soil should not be direct at the roof. It can damage your roof. You need a proper frame that raise from the roof. It is very important that your roof should be waterproof. You should need a proper sun light for your plants. Now your question can be which plants can be grown at terrace?

Which plants can be grown at terrace?

The temperature and environment affect your plants directly. You select plants according to your temperature. Always choose the evergreen plants for terrace gardening. Those plants can be green always your terrace. Normally people select the sunflower, night blooming jasmine, lavender, rose of sharon for terrace garden.

You can also select vegetable plants for your terrace. Fruit and vegetable plants can give you a fresh and healthy food. It’s upon you, is you choose flower plants or vegetable plants.

What materials are needed for a rooftop garden?

Many people want to know about what material is require for rooftop gardening. Rooftop gardening is not more expensive if you want to start a small and simple setup. You can use some plastic bags or plastic pots for plantation. Soil will be required for plantation. It should be fertile for fast growing the plants. An iron or plastic frame will be required for raising up your gardening from the roof due to roof safety measures.

You will need some seeds of plants for sowing. You can add some lights at the terrace. There is also need some plastic pipes for plants support. A water source will also be required for plantation.

Large Terrace Gardening Ideas

Here is an example of terrace gardening idea. You can see in the following terrace garden idea image:


In the above terrace garden picture, you can see a beautiful garden. There is a lot of space available in the above image for gardening. Tall plants planted in the large pots. Vertical space also covered with some plants. There is a beautiful grass in the center of terrace. Furniture also added on the grass area for sitting. And plants planted around the sitting area at terrace.

Mini Swimming Pool

Swimming pools increase the beauty of your garden. Add a mini swimming pool at your terrace. Also add some plants around the mini swimming pool. It will give a better look.


In the above image, vertical space covered through vertical plants. There is a beautiful mini swimming pool available in this area. LED is also placed in the front of swimming pool. You can see some chairs around the swimming pool for sitting. The grass and track of swimming pool looks awesome. The lightening system properly setup for night view. Terrace design will give a pretty look in the night.

Small Terrace Rooftop Gardening Idea


If you have a small terrace, then small plants are best for rooftop gardening. These plants require less space as compared to tall plants. So you can easily plant at your terrace. You can also hang small plants everywhere you want at the terrace area. A hanging group of flowers looks beautiful and more attractive. In the above image you can see the small plants and beautiful hanging flower plants that are increasing beauty of the area. You can setup plastic or iron pipes for hanging plants at the terrace area.

Rooftop Garden Idea


In the above rooftop garden image, you can see a proper sitting space available in the area. You can enjoy the environment of your gardening sitting there. There are sofa sets available in the garden area and some plants also planted behind the sofas that give a beautiful look. The lightening system is also available in this garden.

Your Garden required your Care


Do not let your plants alone. Your garden needs your care. Give a proper time to your plants. Your plants will happy when you will care them. And they grow fast due to your best care.

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