How to Start Gardening for Beginners?

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Do you want to start gardening? And want to know about how to start gardening. In this post we will discuss about gardening for beginners who want to start their own garden at home or anywhere else. And want to know about when to start gardening.

Before starting the gardening there should be some steps clear in your mind first.

What you want to grow in your Garden?

People love gardening and they want to know what can we grow. So you need to decide first what you want to grow. There are some options you have; you can grow flower plants, vegetable plants, fruits etc. in your garden area. Normally people grow 60 percent vegetable plants and 40 percent flower plants in their garden. You can also choose same proportion or select one option for your garden. Fruit plants option is also best and good for your health. You can get fresh fruit for your family from your own garden.

Test Soil for Plants in Testing Laboratory

Select land area according to your plants decision. Test soil of your land in testing laboratory. They will give you an opinion that your land and soil of your land is good or not according to test report. They will also guide you which plants are best for your land. So decide according to report results.

Select Garden Design

Decide your garden design and style. Garden design should be awesome. If you want to start gardening at home and you have no space in your home for home gardening, you can start terrace gardening at home. Terrace gardening is also a best idea. You can read about how to start terrace gardening at home by follow the link.


There are different garden designs that you can use for your garden. But it depends normally on your garden area and shape. People normally choose an oval garden shape for their garden design. You can use oval garden design also. There are some other garden design shapes like U shape garden design, H shape design, square garden design etc.

Walking Track in your Garden

If you have a large space for your garden, you must add a walking track inside the garden. Walking track in the garden is a good idea. Plant some trees around the walking track. You will get a beautiful look with walking track and plants besides. Trees provide us oxygen and help to control the air pollution. If you want to read about benefit of trees follow the link here.

Purchase the Seeds for Plants

Buy the fertile seeds from the market. Prepare your garden soil for sowing the seeds. When you prepare your land properly it helps your plants to grow fast. Sow the seeds properly. You can get sowing guide first and follow the sowing process as given instructions.

Take Care of your Garden


Your plants need a proper care. Take care of your plants. Give them time daily. Water is very necessary for your plants. And one more thing sun light is also very important for plants. Select the plant area where sun light reached at least 5 to 6 hours daily. Gardening is a nice hobby. Garden care is an interesting job. You will enjoy taking care of your plants in the garden. You can take busy yourself.

If you have space for garden in your home, you must build inside home garden. Garden makes unique your home design. Garden helps to increase beauty and look of your home.

Try to sow vegetable or fruit plants in your garden area. Vegetable plants give a healthy and fresh food to you and your family. You can get fresh food for your home without any chemicals from your own garden. That is best for your good health. Fruits are also expensive in the market. And we also cannot get fresh fruits from the market normally. If you start fruit plant gardening, you will be able to get fresh fruit for your family.

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