How to Learn Blender for Free Online?

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Hey, are you interested to learn blender for free? Here you will get tutorials about blender learning online. We will try to give you a gear that you can start and get knowledge from basic level about blender.

What is Blender?

Let’s start from what is blender. Blender is a name of animation world. Blender is an open source software that provides you to a space to create animated videos like cartoon, games etc. You can also create your own assets in the blender.

It is a simple but a complete atmosphere where you can create everything that you want for your cartoon video or your game.

Why we Choose Blender?

As you know blender is open source, so we can use blender as commercially. We can sell 3d models or our animated videos easily without any prior license.

Sell your 3d Models Online

You can also sell your own 3d models on the internet. There are different websites available on the internet that provides you option to upload your 3d models for selling online. You just need to create and upload your 3d models on that websites for selling online. Selling 3d models is a best business idea. CGTrader is the best site for selling your 3d assets online.

How to Learn Blender?

You can learn blender easily if you have passion and interest in learning blender. You will need to do hard work in practice for creating 3d animation or 3d models. It’s upon you what your interest is. And what you want to do in blender.

Blender is more flexible application and fulfills your all requirements.

Here is the complete interface of blender software in the following image:



If you do not have blender on your pc, you can get it from blender website free of cost.

Blender also provides you the both interface of 2d and 3d animations. You can choose one of them from the dialog box.

In this post we will discuss about 3d or General mode of blender file.

When you click on General option, you will see the cube by default in the middle of your blender file. If you see the dashboard of blender application, you will see lot of options there.

Don’t confuse check every option step by step. You will know every option with practice so you do not need to worry about all those options. We will start from scratch and will try to learn from basic level.

What are the Blender Basic Options?

Blender provides you some basic options. By using these options you can create everything you want. You can see the “Add” option in the top left side of your screen under the menu bar.

Click on the “Add” button. You can see Add button in the following image:



Here click on the Mesh option you can see in the first in the list.

In the Mesh option, you can see the Plane, Cube, Circle, UV Sphere, Ico Sphere, Cylinder, Cone and Torus. Blender works on vertex and edges. With these vertices and edges you can make every shape as you want in your 3d model.

In the left side of your screen, you can see some basic options of blender that are select, cursor, move, rotate, scale, transform, annotate and measure. These options help you in creating and using your 3d models or creating in animations.

How to Add anything in Blender?

If you want to create a new cube follow these steps:

Click on the “Add” option appear in the left side of your screen under menubar.

Click on Mesh then click on cube option. You will see a new cube on your screen.

For editing in a shape of your new cube, click on the cube.

Then Click on the “Object Mode” option under the menu bar.

Click on “Edit Mode”.

You will see some dots on corners of your cube. These are the vertex and these vertices are very important in creating models in blender.

Click on anyone vertex on your cube. Then click on Move option from the left toolbar. And move that vertex. You will see the changing in your cube model.

Hurraah! This is your start in blender learning. Do some experiments on your cube and play with vertices, you will explore and learn some new things in blender.

Blender demands just practice and more practice. Start today and one day you will able to create your own 3d models in blender.

Best of luck, Write your comments in the comment section.

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