How to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd – PSX

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Stock exchange is a market of shares where companies sell their shares in the stock market. Stock exchange is a profitable business. There you can make a lot of money by selling or purchasing companies share. Every country has its own stock market. In which companies of every country sells their share in the stock market. Pakistan has also a stock market known as Pakistan Stock Exchange ltd. The abbreviation of Pakistan Stock Exchange is PSX.

Stock Exchange is a profitable business idea, if you have some extra income for backup. If you want to find more business ideas you can check on our website Info Rise Hub.  In this article, we will try to guide the beginners about how to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. Basically stock exchange is a shares market. Before starting the article about Pakistan Stock Exchange ltd (PSX), we need to discuss about what is share?

What is Share in Stock Exchange Market?

The shares are equity in the ownership of company. Those companies that registered in the stock exchange market can submit their shares in the market. The stock market set the price of company shares. Price value of shares goes up and downs according the demand of shares. The country crises or unexpected raise issues also impact on stock market.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd (PSX)

Pakistan Stock Exchange consists of three main cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. There are following two main indices in psx:

  • KSE 100 index
  • KSE 30 Index

Karachi stock exchange is a main hub of stock exchange market. Karachi stock exchange founded in 1947. The second stock market is Lahore stock exchange. And Islamabad is a third stock market. In 2016 Government of Pakistan merged all three stock markets together and named as Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd.


Is Stock Exchange Business Profitable?

The business is a stock exchange is a more profitable other than the business ideas. As this is based on companies share, so if you have a good amount as backup, you can start this business easily. And it will be secure and profitable for you.

If we talk about the Pakistan Stock Exchange is profitable or not. Then there are some little bit issues such as political issues that impact vastly on stock exchange market.

How to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd

For investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd, you should need to register yourself in Pakistan Stock Exchange first. Registering yourself in PSX you need to contact with brokerage firm. Broker will enter your correct identification details for creating account. You need to invest some amount according to your brokerage firm instructions for trade. Every brokerage firm has own rules of minimum amount for investing. You need to fulfill the brokerage firm requirements for registration properly.

Brokerage firm provides you the dashboard interface; there you can start the trading in the stock market. These firms try to give simple and useful interface to their clients. Some brokerage firms provide signals for good trading in the stock market.

How can I Buy Shares in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd

After registering yourself in brokerage firm, you can start trading in the stock market. You can see the list of companies with the share price on the stock market dashboard. If you are newbie in the stock market and not professional don’t be silly, wait for some time after registration.

Observe the stock market, check signals daily for stock market. Check share prices of different companies and keep an eye on their prices liquidity. Create a sheet and write your observations there. These observations will guide you and will be helpful for you in future.

Select a company share that you are confident that it will be profitable for you. Choose the shares that you want to purchase. And click on buy button for purchasing the shares. Congratulations! You got your first share in the stock exchange market.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Listed Companies

There are different companies that registered in Pakistan Stock Exchange. They sell their company shares in the stock market. There are approx. 370 companies registered on Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd (PSX). Following are the some main companies that are listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange:

  • Al Ghazi Tractors Limited
  • Atlas Honda Limited
  • Hino Pak Motors Ltd
  • Indus Motor Company Ltd
  • Exide Pakistan Ltd
  • Abbott Laboratories Pak Ltd. (XD)
  • Attock Cement Pak Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Bata Pakistan Ltd.
  • Colgate Palmolive (Pak) Ltd.
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Bank Al Habib Ltd
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • International Industries Ltd.
  • Murree Brewery Company Ltd.
  • Pakistan Tobacco Co Ltd.

Above are the some main companies that have a high demand value in the share market. You can check all the listed companies on Pakistan Stock Exchange website.

How to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange Online?

In the start of launching of Pakistan Stock Exchange, there was manual method for investing money in the stock market like telephone call to broker for purchase shares for us. But now brokerage firms provide the live transaction interface that can be used online easily for investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. Remember! Brokerage firms deduct some commission on your every online transaction. That will be deducted from your account when you buy or sell the shares.

Pakistan Stock Exchange App

The different android mobile apps are available for Pakistan Stock Exchange. But there are no any official mobile app is available for stock exchange. Your brokerage firms maybe provide you facility of Pakistan Stock Exchange android mobile app. You can ask your brokerage for mobile app.

Some mobile apps of stock exchange are available on Google Play Store. That provides the live market summary of shares. You can easily check that latest prices of shares on your mobile phone everywhere. Some mobile apps also provide facility to place order for buy or sell shares using mobile app. That is a good facility. You can avail chance to place online orders through your mobile phones.

Following are the some android mobile apps for Pakistan Stock Exchange:

  • KiTs Android Mobile App
  • Investify Stocks PSX Pakistan
  • KTrade Android Mobile App
  • VTrade Touch Pakistan

Your Feedback about Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd

This article about Pakistan Stock Exchange will be useful for you. And you got some knowledge from this article. How you like this article, tell us in the comment section. Your feedback is necessary for our guidance. If you have any suggestions about Info Rise Hub, feel free to contact us in the contact page.

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