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How to Create and Use Google Form Online?

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As you know Google provides a lot of facilities to the users on internet. Google works according to your needs and makes your life easy. If you want to create a form online, Google provides you to facility for creating form online. In this post we will discuss about how to make form online on Google and also how can we use Google forms.

What is the use of Google Forms?

Before starting how to create a Google form, it is necessary to know about the use of Google forms. The Google forms can be use everywhere you want. It helps to collect data from different users and different places. You can easily collect data through Google forms.

For example if you want to start a survey, online test, event registration, job application or anything you want. Google forms help you to collect data in very easy and simple way.

How to Create Google Form Online?

For creating Google form, you must have a Gmail account.

  • Login your Gmail account.
  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • You will see a 9 dots button on the top right side of your browser, name with Google Apps.
  • Here you will find a lot of Apps like Google sheet, Google drive etc. that Google provides you for making your work easy.
  • Scroll down the list, there you can find a Forms option.
  • Click on the Forms option.
  • Congratulations! You reached in the Google forms option.

Here you can check the forms sample that Google provides you for your guidance.

how to create google form

Start a New Google Form from Scratch

If you want to start a new form from scratch. Click on the Blank option under the Start New Form.

  • Here you will see an Untitled blank form.
  • Click on the Untitled form option, there you can write title for your form.
  • Add some description that can describe your form briefly for your form viewers.
  • In the second section of Google form, you can add questions, options or anything you want.
  • Google forms provide you a simple and easy interface. You can add questions with drag or drop or with just a click on “+” option.
  • In the question option, you can write a question or can define your purpose for collection required data. You can also add some description for explaining your question in the bottom line of every question. Its optional for you.
  • By default Google forms provide you multiple choice options. You can change it by clicking on multiple choice options.
  • Google forms provide you the option to upload image in your Google form if you want.
  • You can insert image by clicking on image option.
  • You can make your question required or optional. For this option is given in the bottom right of every question.

Google Form provides you the drag and drop question for arranging in new order. You can easily arrange your questions by simple drag and drop method.

How to Send Google Form to the Target Audience?

After completion of your Google form, you can send form to your target users by clicking on send button for getting responses.

Click on the send button appear on the top right side of your screen.

A new dialogue box will open, there you will see three options send via Email, send via link and embed html code on your website. You can choose one option as per your desire.

After sending or sharing your form with target users, wait for responses.

In the settings option you can manage your forms more friendly. There are the lot of options available that make ease to manage your form. Set the correct answers and point the number of each question of correct answer.

You can manage and protect your responses for getting results more accurately with limit the responses from one person, allow or disallow the edit option etc.

Choose the form presentation in the progress bar or other methods as your desire. You can find them in the presentation tab in the setting option.

How to Use Google Forms Online?

Google makes forms very easy for use. Everyone can use Google forms who have basic knowledge of computer. If you are an owner of Google form, you can manage your form easily. After submission of your form, wait for responses from your target audience. You can check responses in the responses tab, there Google will tell you the number of responders who responded your form.

You can export your form results in the Excel sheet. There you can manage and compile your results more friendly.

You can customize your form through customize theme option. There you have options to customize your form background, your font style and font size. You can also insert a header image in your form with customize theme option.

If you are a user and want to use Google form. Simply open the form with given link. Answer the given questions or enter your registration according to form requirements. Click on the submit button.

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