House Design for 5 Marla in Pakistan – Floor Plan Ideas

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A beautiful house design is a dream of everyone. We want to make a luxury home according to our desires. People want to build a unique house design with low budget. That’s why they find the different house design ideas on the internet world. And they also discuss with their friends for a best floor plan ideas.

The main reason of focusing the house design is that most of us can build 1 home in the life for their lives. So they want to make a proper and comfortable home for their residence. Where they can live a quiet life.

People normal search house design for 2.5 marla house design, 5 marla, 10 marla house design and 1 kanal house design. If we talk about middle families, they normally build 1000 to 1500 square feet houses. In the Pakistan and India, the most people find house design for 5 marla. 5 marla house design covered 1250 square feet.

In this article we will also discuss five marla house design ideas. So let’s start without wasting of time.

House Design for 5 Marla, Floor Plan Ideas

You can find here different 5 marla house design ideas. Check here the first five marla floor plan idea:


In the above image you can check the standard size 5 marla home design. It’s a simple and beautiful home design idea. Which has 2 bed rooms with attach baths, 1 drawing room with attach bath, TV lounge, 1 kitchen and a car porch.

In this floor plan you can see, a big car porch with stairs in the left side. Stairs can be access from porch and it can be used direct from street.

In the right side of porch there is an open space for a better front look of your house.

If you look straight from car porch, you can find the main entrance of your TV Lounge. In the right side there is a drawing room. And left side you can find a kitchen.

There is a separate space for sitting area in the TV Lounge.

You can check the two bed rooms after passing the TV lounge. In this floor plan idea you can see, two wash rooms in the back side that attached with both bed rooms. And there is an open space between the baths for ventilation. It also provides ventilation to the bed rooms.

This is a standard five marla home design. This house design idea is best for four to five family members.

5 Marla House Design, 2nd Idea Floor Plan

Here is the beautiful and new house design idea for you. It is also a five marla i.e. 1250 square feet plan. Check the following floor design idea. I hope you will like this beautiful house design idea.


This floor plan has 2 bed rooms with attach baths, drawing room with attach bath, TV Lounge and also 1 separate sitting area, 1 kitchen, car porch and a beautiful lawn for you. We tried to make all the rooms fully ventilated.

Car Porch and Lawn Design Idea

If you check the floor plan you can find a big car porch and a beautiful lawn area in the entrance of home from main gate. People love the lawn area in the house. So I added a lawn area in the 5 marla house plan. Greenery makes the houses more beautiful. And makes the atmosphere cool. Stairs area is right side from the main entrance. You can stairs separate from the house with a separate gate from the street.

The car porch and lawn area is 19 feet and 6 inches long, that is enough space.

TV Lounge Design Idea

TV Lounge is in-front of car porch. The front wall of TV lounge will be complete aluminum window, that will be makes a beautiful look of house.  There is a 4 feet wide corridor in the left side of house. The entrance in the TV Lounge will be from this corridor.

When you enter from corridor to the TV lounge, you can find TV lounge space in the right side of your house. There is a good space for TV lounge. The TV lounge is 10’ x 8’ dimensions.

There is also another space available for sitting area in this house design idea. The dimension of the sitting area is 10’4” x 10’4”. That is a big advantage; you can select one of them for TV lounge. And one can be used for sitting area.

The kitchen is in the left side of TV lounge. Covered area of the kitchen is 8’ x 5’6”. The window of the kitchen will open in the corridor for ventilation.

Drawing Room Design Idea

The drawing room is in-front of entrance. There will be a great look of the drawing room because there is a lawn space beside the drawing room. The area of the drawing room is 10’ x 11’.


Bed Room Design Idea

There are two bed rooms in this house design idea. Both rooms are with attached baths. The bed room in the left side is 12 feet and 6 inches wide. And the other bed room is 10 feet 8 inches wide with 10 feet of its length.

The baths of both bed rooms are in the back side of those rooms. Covered areas of baths are 4 feet x 6 feet each. Bed rooms and baths are fully ventilated. There is an open space available for ventilation. The area of this open space is 11.3 x 4 feet. Windows of the bed rooms will open in this open space.

The both house design ideas are for your guidance. Maybe you like same floor plan idea. Anyway, you can change the floor plan according to your desires. We are providing you a thought that your house design plan can be look like these house plans. It’s all upon you, how you can make your house design.

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I hope you liked this article about new house design ideas. If you have some new and unique floor plan ideas, you can also share us your thoughts. Maybe your thoughts will be helpful for some one other.

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