Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids – Simple Face Paint

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Painting is an art in the world. People love beautiful and unique paintings. In this article we will discuss some easy face painting simple ideas for kids and adults. Face painting is trendy in the world. People like face painting and especially kids excited to see the face paintings. Everyone wants unique makeup face painting style. For this they try to find face paint simple ideas. There are different face painting ideas for kids and adults.

Before starting the face painting ideas, we will discuss first what painting is actually. Basically painting is a way to describe your feelings in a silent and colorful way. A painter expresses his feelings in a beautiful style with some pencil colors.

Now we discuss what is face painting? and where can I find face paint. People paint on their face to show their expressions to others. Face painting normally used in parties, sport events or on a special day etc. People enjoy their special events with face paintings.

There are different face painting ideas simple and unique; we will discuss some of them and our main focus on kids face painting ideas.

Children naturally like paintings and they also want paintings on their faces. There are different ideas of kids paintings like butterfly face painting, glasses face painting, cat face painting, tiger face painting etc. Kids love more of these face painting ideas.

Butterfly Face Painting Idea for Kids


Butterfly face painting is a beautiful idea for kids. You can draw a butterfly on your kids face around his eyes and nose. You need to use different colors for drawing butterfly painting. It will give a pretty look on your child face. Girls like butterfly face painting idea more than boys. You can see the butterfly painting in the following image.

Glasses Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Children like to wear glasses. So they paint glasses on their faces. Glasses painting look beautiful on kid’s faces.

Cat Face Painting Ideas

Girls love cats painting. Baby girls look cute in cat face painting. So cat face painting idea is good for baby girls.

Cartoon Painting Ideas

Children love cartoons and baby playing videos. So they want their favorite cartoon paintings. You can draw their favorite cartoon character picture on their face. They will enjoy to see them on their faces.


Kids also love baby playing videos. There are some viral kids those play and make videos for children like Diana and Roma kids show. Children like Diana and Roma and they want their posters in painting. Try to draw Diana and Roma paintings on kid’s faces. They will happy to see their favorite characters painting on their faces.

Sport Events Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Kids love sports so for expression they paint their faces for sport events. They also paint their faces for support their favorite team. Normally children draw painting football in football games. And use bat or ball face painting for cricket game events.

Country Support Face Painting Ideas

Children paint their faces on any special day of their country. They normally paint their country flag for show to love with country. The children also paint their faces according to special events in the country.

Make Daily Routine for Painting of your Children

Let your children to be creative in painting art. Painting is a beautiful skill in which your children have a chance for learning. Facilitate your children’s with painting papers, color pencils in start. When they will got basic skills of drawing, give them water colors for broading their skills. Your children will enjoy in drawing and they will busy in this colorful world.


Make a daily routine of your children’s for drawing and painting. They will learn new painting ideas daily, that’s a good thing for them in child’s stage. Make your children’s professional from starting. Build more confidence in your children that they could able to stand on their own feets. Otherwise, there will be an element of immaturity in children.

Painting as a Business Idea

If we see painting as a business point of view, painting has a huge volume demand. Painting business is in the top 10 business ideas. You can make a passive income with draw and sell paintings. You can sell your unique and beautiful paintings in your nearest markets. And there is also an option to sell paintings online. You can use both methods for your painting business.

You can draw paintings like portraits, sketches, nature paintings etc. Painting is an interesting hobby. And that is a great way to earn money through your hobby. You can enjoy drawing beautiful paintings and also having a chance to generate a huge amount of money with your hobby.

Painting in Interior Design

There is a lot of use of paintings. Face paintings use for some expressions or for uniqueness of face. Wall paintings used for interior design of homes and offices. If you have paintings skills, you can draw wall paintings that increase the beauty of home interior design.


The purpose of this post was to share some simple face painting ideas and aware to parents that painting is necessary for your children. We hope you will like this post, leave your opinion in the comment section. Share this post with your friends and also on social media websites.

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