Diana and Roma Life Kids Diana Show

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Diana a n d Roma

Diana and Roma are the legend and little stars in the kid’s world. They are youtube stars. First time Diana and Roma appeared in a video in 2015. They created a youtube channel for kid’s videos. And became viral in the little kids stars world.

Many people want to know who are the Diana and Roma actually. So in this article we will try to discuss Diana and Roma life and their family. Roma and Diana are the brother and sister. Roma born in 22 October 2012. Diana born in 31 March 2014.

Diana versus Roma

If we compare both kids they are doing very well. They are producing a lot of content for engaging children on youtube. Diana and Roma started kid’s channel on youtube and became viral. They are managing multiple youtube channels name as Kids Diana Show, Kids Roma show, Love Diana. There are 94.7 Million subscribers on one youtube channel Kids Diana Show. This is a big amount of their lovers and their followers on youtube. They created funny and informative content for children.

Diana and Roma Family

Diana and Roma family is doing well their job. Roma and Diana are from Ukraine. And now they are living in the United States. There are total five members in their family. They are also having a sister Maggie. Roma and Diana produce role play content for their viewers. Diana and Roma make their videos in their home. Basically they play with their toys in front of camera. Edit their videos with some software, and publish their role play content on youtube. Their parents are hosting the youtube channels. They help to their children’s in creating beautiful videos of playing.


Diana and Roma House and their Age

Diana is a 8 years old girl and Roma is approx. 10 years old. Diana normally plays with kid’s house and her dolls. She has beautiful dresses and shoes, which she loves. Children love by watching Diana and Roma videos on youtube.

Roma has also some toys, a car, a bike and such beautiful things. Roma plays with his toys.

Diana and Roma published some live playing videos. People love their videos and especially children wait for their upcoming videos. Diana and Roma are famous in the whole world in their little age. They got millions of views in one day after releasing their video on youtube.

Diana and Roma in Hindi

People from India and Pakistan search Diana and Roma in hindi or urdu language. Because their kids can understand easily what roles are they playing. The video of Diana and Roma birthday goes famous. And got lot of love from their followers on youtube and everywhere on the social media.

Diana introduces some new toys in her videos. Kids also want to buy those toys for playing. You can subscribe Kids Diana Show channel on youtube for their upcoming videos.

There are a lot of other kids channel, their kids create role playing content for youtube channels. Vlad and Niki are also most famous youtube stars. Vlad and Niki are brothers. They are also producing the role playing content for their youtube channel like Diana and Roma. Both are making videos at home. Its an interesting job. Vlad and Niki makes a passive income from Vlad and Niki youtube channel. We will write an article on Vlad and Niki life soon. Hopes you will also like the Vlad and Niki article.

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