Best way for Preschoolers to Learn Phonics

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Many parents want to teach phonics letters to their children. But they don’t know how they can start teaching phonics. And which method is best that their children can learn phonics easily. For teaching phonics parents ask some questions like, how do I teach my 4 year old to read phonics? Or which phonics method is best? How can I teach phonics easily? These are the some questions that are in mind of parents.

In this post we will discuss about these above said questions and will try to know which is the best learning method of phonics is for our children. We have already published a post about how to teach your child at home. If you are interested to read this post, you can open the post by following above link. We normally called a 3 to 4 year age is a preschooler age. This age is the best age for teaching phonics to your child.

First of all we try to know about children interest. In the 3 to 4 years age, what children like most? What is their interest in this age? And which thing attracts them most?

How can I teach Phonics Easily?

According to survey children loves toys, colors and music in this age. Normally they want to play with their colorful toys.

There are varieties of toys that use for teaching the kids. Children learn fastly anything with playing toys. You can find learning toys online or in your local area market.

Phonics tablets are easily available in kid’s shops. In these tablets kids tap the button and letter pronounces clearly. This is an easy method for learning phonics for children.

You can find other toys online that are best and helpful for learning phonics letters. You can search those learning toys on Google.

Learn Phonics with Nursery Rhymes

Children also love poems and rhymes. They want to listens their favorite poems. To learn phonics nursery rhymes is the one of the best methods for teaching phonics to our children.

Following is the best video to learning phonics for the children. Children will enjoy this beautiful video and will also learn how to read phonics letters easily.

Try to Teach Phonics to Your Child

Children follow their parents. Mother is the first teacher of her child. Children learn a lot of basic things from their parents. If you know how to pronounce the letters in phonics, try to teach your child. You need to make a phonic sound of every letter in-front of your child. Your child will try to follow you. This is the best technique to teach phonics to our children.

Learn Phonics with Mobile Games

Kids games are another best source for kids learning. Our new generation likes mobiles. Mobile phones have many advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about positive point of mobile phone for children, there are many mobile apps available for learning phonics on Google play store in android mobiles. Some learning apps are in game form and some are in basic phonics tests available for your child. Children love mobile games and they want to play games on mobile.

We can utilize their time in learning phonics while they play games on mobile. Simply open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone. Search the learn phonics letters in the search bar of Google Play Store.

Get the best learning mobile app for your child.

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