Benefits of Trees Essay in Urdu

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Do you know what benefits we can get from trees? In this article, we will talk about the benefits of trees, what are the natural benefits of trees, and what benefits people can get from trees.

Allah has blessed man with many blessings. Earth which is apparently a planet made of mud and stones but Allah Almighty has hidden in it many treasures. And these are not only for human being but every living thing in the world. Those things helps in fulfilling the necessities of our life. Tree is also one of the great blessings bestowed on man by Allah. Which are used to meet many of our needs in life. They emerge from the ground like a bud. In a short time they become several feet tall. Their trunk becomes strong and they strengthen their place in the ground.


What are trees?

A tree is a strong wooden trunk whose roots extend several feet deep into the ground with the help of which this tenacious tree stands on the ground. Above it are green leaves, some trees are fruitful and some are flowering. Fruit trees bear sweet and delicate fruits, while flowering trees bear colorful flowers.

The benefits of trees

In the beginning, when man had nothing to eat or drink and no clothes to wear, he used to cover his body with the leaves of the trees and use them as clothes and eat their fruits. He also used the wood of the tree according to his intellect and got many benefits from it.

The natural benefits of trees

In it we will mention the benefits of trees for which we do not have to do any special work except planting trees. Trees basically provide us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Trees keep our environment green which adds to the beauty of the world. Trees are a great help in reducing environmental pollution. Trees reduce the intensity of heat. Trees help in preventing the flow of floods.

Trees provide nesting for birds and also facilitate habitat of wild animals in forests. Trees have different types. Some trees are fruit bearing and some are flowering. ۔ Flowering trees have colorful flowers that greatly enhance the beauty of the environment. Fruit trees provide us with unique and sweet fruits. They contain a variety of vitamins which are very useful for human health.

benefits-of-trees-essayWhat benefits did man get from trees?

In addition to reaping the fruits of the trees, man also made the wood of the trees usable and benefited from the wood of the trees. By obtaining wood from trees, man fulfilled various needs of his life. First man made his house from wood of trees and started living in them. Following are the some benefits that we got from trees:

  • The wood of the trees is used for decoration in houses.
  • We makes furniture from wood of trees.
  • Paper is made from the bark of a special kind of tree.
  • The wood of the trees is used to make pencils.
  • The wood of white trees is used for making matches and also for making support which are used in building houses.
  • We can get planks from big trees which are used to make boats.
  • The wood of some trees is strong which is used in making various things.
  • While there are some trees whose wood is not very useful, this wood is used as burning.
  • We plants trees for reducing global warming.

There is also need to plant tree in our home. We can make our home beautiful by adding some plants. It helps in decoration of our house design.

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