Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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Every thing has some positive and negative affects. While there are many advantages to mobile phones, there are also many disadvantages of mobile phones. In this article we will talk about what are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. But before talking about advantages and disadvantages of cell phones, let’s talk about some important information about mobile phone.

Do you know, when the mobile phone was invented? and Do you know who invented mobile phone?

The mobile phone was invented in 1973. And Martin Cooper was the inventor of mobile phone.

Basically the main purpose of mobile phone was communication with each other. Man is always in search of the best. With the passage of time, many new things introduced and added in android mobiles keeping in view the needs of the people.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay

Advantages of Mobile Phone

Mobile is a great and modern term of technology in the world. Its a form of telephone but mobile phone is not portable. We can move easily with our little android mobile phones. Life became easy and fast with mobile phones. We can contact within a minutes with a person in any country. Also we remain stay connected with our family members all time. The communication system became faster with the help of mobile phone. Android mobiles are flexible for us. We can install apps from play store according to our needs. Many new businesses open through mobile. Mobile phones also helps in boosting our businesses.


With the help of mobile phone we are connected with the world. There are a lot of entertainment in the mobile phones like music, videos, sports, news and every thing you want. We can stay aware of every latest update in the world with mobile. We can easily use our bank accounts on mobiles with mobile apps.

Students can find notes related to their studies. They can learn and take classes on the mobile. In the covid situation students used Google Classroom, Zoom etc. apps for taking online classes on mobile phone. There are a lot of learning methods if students use mobile phones positively.

There are the lot of games in the mobiles or we can install from play store. We can play android games on mobile phones easily.

We can order and purchase anything we want from online shopping apps or websites using mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Essay

Mobile phones not only brought people closer to each other but also caused distance between people. With mobile phones, we have information about people far away from ourselves, but unfortunately we have become so engrossed in the world of mobile that we are unaware of the situation of people sitting near us.


We are so mobile addict that we can not give time to our family members. We wants to talk to people who are far away from us, but we ignore our loved ones who are with us. Which we don’t even realize. Mobile has left us alone.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone on Children


Children loves to use mobile phone. Even a little baby also wants to use mobile 🙂 . Normally Children likes to watch their favorite cartoons on mobile phone. In fact we makes our children’s to mobile addict. We do not give time our children’s and just hand out mobile to take them busy. Excessive usage of mobile phone affect their eye sides. And also affects their brain. The excessive use of mobiles can also affect children’s sleep time. They can not take rest properly, that caused bad impact on their health.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone on Students

The one major disadvantage of mobile phone is bad impact on students. Children use mobiles a lot. Mobiles playing a big role in the time wastage of students. And the misuse of mobiles has had a devastating effect on children’s education. Students also take their mobile phones to their school. And their main focus remain on mobile phones instead of their studies in the school.


Internet is already available in the mobile phone devices. So students waste their precious time in using internet all day along. Mobile phones use in cheating in the examinations.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone on Health

Mobile also affects our health. Radiation of mobile phones are very dangerous and can harm our body. According to the research mobile phone left dangerous affects on our body can cause the cancer some time. The excessive usage of mobile phone can affect our health, because we can not give time to our body. Excessive use of mobile push our mind to stress. Cause disturb of our whole body.

We have become so addicted of mobile phones that we wants to use mobile phone every time. Even we use mobile phone in our food time like in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our focus is on mobile instead of food. Remember, while eating, the rays of mobile are also going into our mouth. Eating like this is against the manners and our health is also deteriorating.


Our children play games on the mobile instead of going to the ground. Which affects on their physical growth. We don’t get proper sleep due to excessive usage of mobile.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone on Social Life

Mobile phone affects our social life badly. Before mobile phones we normally used to visit our friends and relatives. From which social connections were established. But after mobile phones, all works would start on mobiles. Mobile phone saves time of people. But it will start creating distances between relatives and their beloved ones. Now people have no time for their relatives and friends. They just communicate on mobile normally in text saying hello, are you ok?. Even on birthday or any other events just send best wishes in text messages and all done. Due to which the loves in their relationships goes down.

Misuse of Mobile Phone

We normally misuse our mobile phones. Even we use mobile phones while driving that is very dangerous. We can not fully focus on driving while talking on the phone. According to research, most of the road accidents are caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.

Now we can use bank accounts on our mobile phones with bank apps. And can transfer money from one account to another. Its a good facility for bank customers. But unfortunately, hackers can easily hack mobile phones. This puts our bank accounts at risk. The bank informs its customers about many security measures, but the mobile hackers succeed in achieving their goals by inventing new methods of hacking. Due to which many innocent people get caught in the trap of these hackers and lose thousands of dollars.

Children misuse of mobile phones and commit crimes together with their friends. They makes company along their friends and in the adult age they become habitual criminal. These causes affect our society badly. Android mobile phones use in black mailing. Due to built-in camera in mobile phones people take pictures or videos of any one. And then start black mailing for getting benefits from them. This also a negative impact on our society.

Measures for Using Mobile Phones Safely

We need to take some measures, to saving ourselves and our children’s from bad affect of mobile phones. Following are the some measures that we can take:

  • We can set time to use mobile phone for our children for reducing the chances of excessive usage.
  • We need to avoid long conversion.
  • Don’t use mobile phone while eating.
  • Do not give mobile phone to your children’s freely.
  • Keep on check on your children’s mobile usage. That what are they use on their mobile phone and what are their activities.
  • Mobiles should be kept away from little babies so that their eyesight is not affected.
  • Try to keep away mobile phone from your body to keep safe from mobile radiation.
  • We became more addicted of Mobile games. So we need to set limited time to play games on mobile phones. And also we need to set time for physical games in the play grounds.
  • Students should be prohibited from taking mobile phones to the school.
  • Give time to your family members.
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving.

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