5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

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Do you want to start a business from home. And wants to know how to start a business from home and ways to make money from home? Yes, you can start a small business from home. We have a small business ideas with low investment that you can start today from home with low investment. In this article we will talk about five small business ideas that can easily start with little skills. Our today topic is 5 ways to make money online.

How to Start a Small Business from Home

For starting a small business, you must need to take a survey of your area where you wants to start business. Observe there which products have high demand and low competition in the market. Always start business that is less competitors in the market. Less competitors means your business will have chances to grow faster. Then decide which product you can make. Remember! always choose product that’s raw material easily available in your area. Carrying raw material far away from your location can impact on your product cost that will be direct affect your profit. If you succeeded to sell your product in your area, you can save transportation charges. With saving transportation charges your profit will go up, that is a good thing for your business.

Ways to Make Money Online

As the topic mentioned about the five ways to make money online. We will talk about such businesses for your convenience which can be easily started in any area. And there are very less chances to goes down their demand. We will try to discuss that business ideas that women can also start from home.

Cooking Business Idea

As growing fast technology in the world, the internet and android mobile phones takes place in every home. Seeing the needs of the people many companies developed the new websites and mobile apps for providing the services at our door steps. There are many websites and mobile apps that we use daily in our life, like online shopping, Uber, fast food etc. Online food order is also a high demand business, that can be started from home.


Online food order is now trendy in the world. People wants to order their favorite dishes from home. Every country have their own mobile apps and websites their people order their favorite dishes. And as soon as possible the delicious dishes delivered at their door step.

Are you a good chef? If yes, congratulations! this business idea is for you. You can start your own business today and can make money from home. Now you may be thinking that how can I sell dishes and how will I deliver to my customers. Don’t worry its not your headache, Its company duty that you choose to deliver your orders to the customers.

How to Start Cooking Business from Home?

If you interested and wants to start cooking business, pick your mobile phone open the play store. Search there food order mobile apps. You will get the list of online food order mobile apps. Check the rating or which one is famous in your city. Install app  from play store on your mobile phone.

Register yourself on your installed app. Enter your business name. Tell your location and contact to the company which you registered your business. Enter your dishes name, their detail and a catchy image. You need to add the price of your dishes. that’s it. Your customers will order dishes on mobile app and company riders will receive that dishes from your home. And its their duty to deliver to the customers.

After riders delivery order amount will be transferred to company account. Company will charge you some commission on each order you received. After deducting the company commission remaining amount will be transferred to your account.

Taste is a Key of Success

Remember! your taste is a key of success :). So make delicious dishes and keep happy your valuable customers. If your customers satisfied from your taste and quality of your dishes. They will come back for next order soon. Make your own brand. Build your trust with your customers, that they refer people to your brand. Your customers are your big and free source of advertisement.

Sell Online

The second business idea is sell online that you can start from your home. Online shopping is being trendy in the world. Specially due to covid situation, the life style automatically changed in the world. Online businesses grows up in the covid. If you have the basic knowledge of computer and have internet you can start this business.

There are many websites on the internet where you can open your own online shop. Online shop has many benefits. Online selling is an attractive and 24 hours service, there customers can easily buy products at any time. You can get more customers on online shop then your physical shop.


How to Sell Online

On the internet there are a lot of online shopping websites. Some are international selling websites and some are local. Each country has their own online shopping websites. Choose best website that is famous in your country and specially in your city. Create seller account on the online shopping website that you selected. Select the product that you want to sell online.

Which Product is Best to Sell Online?

Stop just a moment…. Check your competitors price on the website first. Compare with your cost price and check the profit. If it is profitable for you then ok. Otherwise choose any other product. Do not choose product that’s high chances in damage. If your customers receive damage product they will be unhappy and will leave bad review on your online store. People normally search dresses, cosmetics, shoes, mobile accessories, kids toys, groceries etc to buy online.

Build your online shop and enter a unique name. Always choose name that represent your products. It’s important in SEO for ranking your online shop. Online shopping websites provides easy, flexible and attractive interface for their sellers.

Customize your shop dashboard as you easy to manage it. Then click on the add product option. Enter the catchy title and briefly describe your product in the description box. Add at least three to four high quality real images of your product. Add relevant tags on your product page. Tags helps to boost your product on first page.

After completing the all fields carefully publish your first product. SEO is very important in ranking, share your product on social websites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.

Key Point

Remember your customer can not check your product physically. He can attract and satisfy from your detail description and pictures of the product you added. So write a good and clear description that can describe your product more clearly. Your online store can ranked on your customers reviews and their ratings. So do not misguide your customers this will bad impact on your ranking and online store.


Freelancing is a business there you will be your own boss. There are many websites of freelancing. Freelancing websites offered different projects category wise and clients demand. Following are the some high demanded projects:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Architecture
  • Typing Jobs
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Writing
  • Video Editing and Animations
  • Games Development etc.

If you have professional skills in these categories, you can start freelancing easily. There is also required some communication skills in freelancing. Because your clients will communicate with you before starting the project. The main websites of freelancing are Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc. You can create account with sign up option.


Upwork and freelancer are the bidding websites. You need to stay online for getting projects with bidding. The most easy website is Fiverr. In the Fiverr website you just need to make Gigs for your services and the clients will contact you.  If you want to create account on Fiverr website read my post about Fiverr. How to get job on Fiverr?

Always create professional profile on freelancing websites. Clients will check your profile and give you work according to your skills. Be ready for quick response to your client, when client will contact you. You need to be confident in your skills in the online world.

How much money you can earn from freelancing websites? There is no limits to earn money, you can make money as you want. and you can make money by delivering the project to your client.

The Birds Business

The next idea is birds business. Birds business is also profitable business and can start from home. Colorful birds make the environment pleasant. You can start birds business in small space. So its very easy to start from home. People loves these beautiful birds. And their demand is very high in every where.

Your first step is to purchase or build small cages for your birds. Cages  should be easy to clean and there should be some space where birds can feel secureness. You can earn money with breeding of birds. If you prepare high demand breed, this will be more profitable. Parrots looks beautiful and their demand is high in the market. This business can be start with low investment.

Australian parrots are fast in breeding. they lay eggs after every 3 months. A one pair of Australian parrots can lay eggs from 4 to 9 eggs normally. So they are fast in breeding. You can sell your birds online or in the birds market in your area.

Poultry Farming

The poultry business is also considered very lucrative. This is simple and easy business can start at home. Every one can start this business with some basic knowledge about poultry. Investment for this business is also very low. There are three types in the poultry farming like eggs business, hatchery and meat production. You can sell online your poultry products online on your country websites.

You can start one of them according to your interest. White Leghorns are the best for getting more eggs. There are needs to care your chickens from different seasonal diseases. Vaccination is necessary for chickens. Start your business with some chickens. You will learn their problems in start. And then you can start your business according to your investment. Market demand is very high in poultry.

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